Residential Portfolio

South Park Design Build draws on many strengths to take residential projects from concept to completion. Under the stewardship of Eric Adelman, we've developed close relationships with all trades in our trade pool, enabling and fostering a working dynamic that accommodates a positive and efficient work environment. This is essential to bringing projects in on-time and on-budget – something South Park takes pride in.

Our Approach

There are many pieces of the design / build puzzle: from the development of architectural drawings, to assembling the project team (architect/draughtsman, interior designer, surveyor, arborist, landscape designer, legal advice, engineers, trades and suppliers), to managing a transparent flow of information throughout the project, to overseeing and demanding outstanding execution.To get all the details right, we urge all of our clients to involve South Park as early as possible. Using our expertise during the development of drawings can save clients time and money.

Roughly, our Approach can be divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Initial Planning

This encompasses the process of working towards finalized drawings that are congruent with the client’s budget and time needs.

Stage 2: Budget Preparation and Defining Work Scope

The budget will be defined by (1) the architectural/construction set of drawings, and (2) by the interior elevations and drawings submitted for the project.

Stage 3: Shovel in the Ground

South Park Design Build Inc. will furnish all the labour, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the alterations and improvements described in the contract documents and in accordance with all city bylaws.

At South Park, we encourage the exchange of ideas between owner, architect, designer and tradesperson. Driving this convergence of ideation & expertise is our mandate to supply transparency in all areas of a project. Two main features of our workflow ensure this: (1) South Park supplies a dedicated Site Supervisor who will be onsite throughout the life of the project, and (2) South Park provides its clients with access to an online database of activity.

Power to the Working Relationship: Throughout the working relationship with our firm, we will be having many conversations to ensure the successful completion of your project.  In doing so, the client can count on our firm to be honest, straightforward, and to have integrity.

You'll also be interested to know: Having worked across the city in neighbourhoods such as The Annex, Casa Loma, Forest Hill, High Park, Leaside, Rosedale and Yorkville, South Park understands the importance of your neighbour relations and is proactive and interactive in this area. Clients of South Park will receive value trade and supply pricing throughout the duration of the working project. South Park passes on all trade and supplier discounts to the client. Clients will benefit on certain materials 10 - 15 percent and as much as 40 percent with some manufacturers. Clients will further benefit from a transparent flow-through of costs for labour and from ongoing and bulk relationships with sub-trades.

Our dedication to detail means we anticipate project challenges and solutions. South Park administration tracks project data and can provide any and all details as requested.

Partnering with South Park on your next project will result in the efficient and accurate completion of your project. We strive to ensure peace of mind for our clients in all areas throughout the building process.